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Laser cutting calculator

For free and without registration calculate the length of the cut and the number of points of the laser cutting

Cutting length calculation is an important factor in determining the cost of laser cutting. The calculation can be done manually or by using special programs to calculate cut lengths. Software cut length calculations can save a lot of time and simplify the calculation process

How the service works

Calculation of parameters

  • Upload your part's drawing in DXF format
  • The calculation results will be displayed on the screen and available for download in PDF format

Nesting of parts and production cost calculation

Comming soon
  • Upload up to 10 files at once
  • Select the drawings of the parts, the required quantity, and the characteristics of the sheet material from which you plan to manufacture. Export the result in DXF, SVG, or PDF format
  • Calculation of the optimal placement of parts on the sheet and the cost of manufacturing. Save the calculation result in Excel format
  • The process of arranging products on a sheet of material before laser cutting in the best possible order to minimize waste and maximize material utilization
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Сalculate the parameters of laser cutting

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